Photo a Day Year Seven

I have been working on a photo-a -day project for seven years now – that’s 2548 pictures posted to date. I post the pictures weekly on my Facebook page and, intermittently, here and on Flickr.

My only rule is that I take at least one picture a day – no cheating. Sometimes I have a theme – owl of the week – sometimes I’ll have a weekly theme. This year Spock and Kirk have featured heavily in honour of Star Trek’s 50th birthday (and mine).

As has also become a tradition, at the end of the year I make a mosaic of all 364 pictures.

Mosaic picture of a photo a day pictures

Onwards to Year EIGHT

New Doctor Who

Dr Who mini figures

Last year, to commemorate the 50th anniversary, I made this little homage to Doctor Who using my Character Building Doctors’s set. Yesterday I got some of the latest wave of figures, including two versions of the new Doctor. Apparently John Hurt’s ‘War Doctor’ is in this wave too, but he’s one of the rare ones. I’d love to get hold of him to make the set, so if anyone knows of one…

Dr Who mini figures