Photo a day Advent week 4

Photo a day toys and Christmas

Original Mego Spock from the 1970s


Captain Kirk visits the parent on Boxing Day

Photo a day toys and Christmas

Wonder Woman key ring – also doubles as a tree decoration

Photo a day toys and Christmas

The Moomins meet Father Christmas

Photo a day toys and Christmas

I often rescue dolls and figures from charity shops. This is a 2014 Disney (Tangled) Rapunzel bought for £1. Her hair was in a state but otherwise she was in great shape.


Captain Janeway from Voyager comes across some strange objects…


Barbie and Ken as Mulder and Scully feeling the Christmas vibe.


Cat and Christmas tree

Kitten playing under Christmas tree

Rory’s first Christmas

When we just had Valentine, we bought some lovely vintage sixties glass baubles. Valentine never goes near the decorations. But when we got Rory as a kitten we decided we’d go with fake tree and cheap decorations in case he was different. Well – of course he was different. Anything shiny, dangly, sparkly – he’s on it, in it, chewing it.

So for several years we stuck with the fake and cheap and regularly shouting at Rory to stop chewing the lights.

This year, though, Steve had got sick of the fake and the cheap, the shouting and the kitten-proofing. So we bought a real tree in a pot, and against my better judgement put up the vintage sixties baubles.

So how’s it going? Well, apart from some interest the other morning when the decs were sparkling in the sun (he is obsessed with sparkles and reflections) he’s kept away. I don’t know if it’s the real tree – smells funny and is pointy – or if he’s grown up… Let’s see if we, and the tree, can make it through the holiday season though!


Cat and Christmas Tree

Oohh – what’s that shiny thing?

Cat and Christmas Tree

Oohh there’s another shiny thing up there…

Cat and Christmas Tree

The shiny things torment me.

Cat and Christmas Tree


Photo a day year four week 13 (the last week of 2012)

This week I concentrated on close-up festive images. We have fibre-optic lights, a Lego Father Christmas and reindeer cupcakes.