Photo a Day Year Seven

I have been working on a photo-a -day project for seven years now – that’s 2548 pictures posted to date. I post the pictures weekly on my Facebook page and, intermittently, here and on Flickr.

My only rule is that I take at least one picture a day – no cheating. Sometimes I have a theme – owl of the week – sometimes I’ll have a weekly theme. This year Spock and Kirk have featured heavily in honour of Star Trek’s 50th birthday (and mine).

As has also become a tradition, at the end of the year I make a mosaic of all 364 pictures.

Mosaic picture of a photo a day pictures

Onwards to Year EIGHT

Photo a day Advent week 4

Photo a day toys and Christmas

Original Mego Spock from the 1970s


Captain Kirk visits the parent on Boxing Day

Photo a day toys and Christmas

Wonder Woman key ring – also doubles as a tree decoration

Photo a day toys and Christmas

The Moomins meet Father Christmas

Photo a day toys and Christmas

I often rescue dolls and figures from charity shops. This is a 2014 Disney (Tangled) Rapunzel bought for £1. Her hair was in a state but otherwise she was in great shape.


Captain Janeway from Voyager comes across some strange objects…


Barbie and Ken as Mulder and Scully feeling the Christmas vibe.


Christmas lights

My photo-a-day theme for Christmas week was lights.

Christmas tree light on our windowsill
Christmas lights photo

Crescent moon and neighbour’s lights
Christmas lights photo

Christmas lights and (brief) snowfall
Christmas lights photo

Made by swinging a small string of lights
Christmas lights photo

Outdoor lights out of focus
Christmas lights photo

Lights reflected in my spoon during Christmas dinner
Christmas lights photo

Battery operated lights displayed in a wineglass
Christmas lights photo

Greeting Cards printed by Moo

Thought I’d try out Moo’s greetings cards with a view to ‘seeing if I could do anything with my photos’ I’ve always been impressed with Moo (I’ve used them for business cards for a few years now). What’s really fun is that you can have a different picture on each card if you want. As I’ve been focusing on Lepidoptera this year (apart from one bird card made for a friend) I’ve used 23 different butterfly pictures. The process is really easy. You choose the pictures to upload (you can upload from your computer or pull them in from Flickr, etc). I prefer to upload though. Once the upload is complete you can tweak the crop, zoom etc and it warns you if the resolution is too low. Then you can add a message to the inside of the card if you want – I left mine blank. You can also add a small picture and/or a couple of lines of text to the back. Then you choose how many sets you want and which envelopes you want, pay and you’re done.

Then (in this case a week later) your cards are delivered.

It says Yay! on the box – always a bonus 🙂

Moo cards in package

The package

And here it is open. The contents are covered in a sheet of brown paper. The cards had a protective card over the top and bottom and a paper band wrapped around them.

The box opened

The box opened

And here are the cards. They have a very light satin coating and the insides are uncoated.

Recycled paper envelopes

Recycled paper envelopes

Rather swish, n’est-ce pas?

Moo cards laid out

The cards