Please don’t offer me a chocolate hobnob…

… but I might offer you one of these if you visit me …

Grain-free biscuits

Grain-free biscuits


As it’s that time of year again – the tins of shortbread and Quality Street, the mince pies (not that I ever liked them anyway), the party snacks (or canapés if you’re feeling posh) the questionable ‘chocolate’ tree decorations time – I thought I’d write a post on why I won’t be consuming any of those things this year.

About this time last year the digestive issues I have put up with since I was a child, took a turn for the worse (in an upsetting, quality-of-life slightly diminishing, but not life-threatening way I hasten to add). The doctor was very positive and supportive, and referred me to the lovely people at the bladder and bowel clinic, saying you’ve got to try to sort out your digestion before things get worse.

However – I was already doing things pretty much ‘right’ – nearly vegetarian diet, eating enough fibre, drinking enough water, taking enough exercise… So, I read and read and read and finally came to the conclusion that I may have some sort of sensitivity to wheat among other things. I may not have, but I do feel better in many ways having cut it out of my diet, so I’m not about to bring it back any time soon. (Just to make it clear, this was not advice from the doctor or the clinic – this is completely from my research.)

Then I started reading up on the Paleo diet and it all kind of fell into place. So since February I have been eating mainly fish-based Paleo. For me this means no grains – no bread, pastries, cakes, pizza, biscuits, biscuity snacks, breakfast cereals and no BEER –  no beans or peas, no cheese, small quantities of organic full-fat milk and butter, no chocolate (unless it’s 85% cocoa solids or higher – then bring it on!) no crisps, no refined sugars, no processed foods, no fizzy drinks, maximum of three cups of tea a day…

I spent a while looking at grain-free and gluten-free replacement recipes for snacks and breads, but apart from what we nicknamed twenty-pound biscuit (because that’s how much it costs to buy all the ingredients!) I don’t really bother anymore.

People who know me well know that bread and savoury snacks were my go-to foods, but I can honestly say I haven’t missed them. Now I rarely feel hungry, tired after eating or bloated, and my digestion is on the way to sorting itself out – oh and I’ve (slowly) lost weight too – I don’t know how much because I don’t weigh myself, but I’m down two dress sizes.

So what do I eat? Five-a-day for sure – both veg and fruit – eggs, fish and seafood, nuts, chia and other seeds, a little bit of meat now and then, loads of home-made mayonnaise and vinaigrette (made with olive oil – it’s awesome!), the aforementioned 85%+ chocolate, lashings of coconut oil, red wine, the occasional cider, a dash of maple syrup – and twenty-pound biscuit of course…



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