A little imagination


Meet Space Cat and Space Dog! I read a piece about Lego becoming too prescriptive recently, so I was heartened and impressed to spend several hours on Sunday playing with my four-year-old nephew and his Lego friends — built by him from bits and bobs in his toy box.

Space Cat is the one at the back with the red tail, and he was my nephew’s character. I was given Space Dog (at the front) as my character. We battled fiery space blocks and watery space blocks, bad space dogs (complete with laser weapon), transformers and scary chocolates (oh, yes, it’s amazing how scary chocolates can be) in a game entirely led by my nephew i.e. being told what to say and what to do!

More Spirograph fun

Last week I posted about the vintage Spirograph set I found for 99p. I’ve been making some more images by scanning in patterns and manipulating them in Photoshop and Perfect Effects.

This is my start image for this one:

Made with Spirograph

Green star

Made with Spirograph


Made with Spirograph


Made with Spirograph


Made with Spirograph

Distressed 3

Spirograph fun

Last weekend I found a 1980s Spirograph set in a charity shop for 99p. It was complete apart from the pens — but they would have dried up by now anyway. So I bought some fine liners and some gel pens. The gel pens are no good for actually making the patterns, but are great for colouring in.

Then I made some of the patterns into brushes with the new
Adobe Brush app and made these images in Adobe Sketch.