Greeting Cards printed by Moo

Thought I’d try out Moo’s greetings cards with a view to ‘seeing if I could do anything with my photos’ I’ve always been impressed with Moo (I’ve used them for business cards for a few years now). What’s really fun is that you can have a different picture on each card if you want. As I’ve been focusing on Lepidoptera this year (apart from one bird card made for a friend) I’ve used 23 different butterfly pictures. The process is really easy. You choose the pictures to upload (you can upload from your computer or pull them in from Flickr, etc). I prefer to upload though. Once the upload is complete you can tweak the crop, zoom etc and it warns you if the resolution is too low. Then you can add a message to the inside of the card if you want – I left mine blank. You can also add a small picture and/or a couple of lines of text to the back. Then you choose how many sets you want and which envelopes you want, pay and you’re done.

Then (in this case a week later) your cards are delivered.

It says Yay! on the box – always a bonus 🙂

Moo cards in package

The package

And here it is open. The contents are covered in a sheet of brown paper. The cards had a protective card over the top and bottom and a paper band wrapped around them.

The box opened

The box opened

And here are the cards. They have a very light satin coating and the insides are uncoated.

Recycled paper envelopes

Recycled paper envelopes

Rather swish, n’est-ce pas?

Moo cards laid out

The cards