Moomins Advent Calendar

December 24th. The Fir Tree.December 23rd. A fillyjonk in high winds.December 22nd. Invasion of the HattifattenersDecember 21st. The Snork MaidenDecember 20th. Locked away.December 19th. Sniff and shadow.
December 18th. Family portrait.December 17th. Moominmamma in the gardenDecember 16th. Those Hattifatteners are increasingDecember 15th. The Hemulen moth collectorDecember 14th Moominpappa and his crystal ballDecember 13th More Hattifatteners
December 12th The Hemulen policeman has something to say.December 11th The GrokeDecember 10th Too-tickyDecember 9th Moomintroll meets the Snork MaidenDecember 8th Moominmamma and her shellsDecember 7th Moominmamma
December 6th MoomintrollDecember 5th StinkyDecember 4th The HattifattenersDecember 3rd Little MyDecember 2nd SnuffkinDecember 1st (The calendar)

Moomins Advent Calendar, a set on Flickr.

For the past month I have been photographing the contents of my Moomins Advent calendar.