Narnia? by Jill Sawyer Phypers
Narnia?, a photo by Jill Sawyer Phypers on Flickr.

Narnian ice-formations taken in Hertfordshire, UK this week. These were created by cars splashing through a puddle in the road.

Photo a day year four week 25

Hot on the heels of week 24…

This week we have a hungry squirrel, a snake-headed statue and yet more snow!

Photo a day year 4 week 24

It’s been a bit of a week what with one thing and another, so I’m posting what I should have posted on Tuesday. Still – better late than never…

This week we had a Lego St Patrick’s Day tribute, a Status Quo reunion and an Easter bunny…

Photo a day year 4 week 23

This week we have breakfasting birds, home-cooking and a celebrity dog!