Photo a day year 4 week 21

This week we have cuddly cats, a celebrity cow and a plastic gorilla.

Photo a day year 4 week 20

This week we have more snow – then blue skies and green fields.

Blackcaps (birds)

A female and male blackcap taken in the same spot within a minute of each other. The female blackcap has a brown ‘cap’; the male has a black ‘cap’. They are acrobatic little birds about the size of a blue tit, but longer and slimmer.

Female blackcap bird

Female blackcap


Male blackcap bird

Male blackcap

Happy Valentine’s day to my Valentine

This is Valentine. We first met him on Valentine’s Day 2009. He was at Chestnut Cat Sanctuary at Epping Green. Even though he had an abscess on his tail and a backside devoid of fur, we knew he was the one for us. And of course he had to be called Valentine…

Fluffy cat called Valentine


Postcards from Moo

Last weekend I made an experimental pack of postcards at I’ve ordered business cards and mini cards from them quite a few times and always been generally happy with them, but I’d never tried postcards. I put the order in on Sunday night and they arrived this morning (Friday) in a jiffy bag and packed in this card pack.

Postcard pack from Moo

Postcard pack from Moo

And here’s the pack spread out. It’s a mix of photos taken with my canon and fujifilm cameras and artwork done in Illustrator and Photoshop. Apparently they use some sort of photo enhancement on photos you upload direct to the site (you can upload via Flickr and possibly Facebook) and the reproduction certainly seems better than on photos I’ve uploaded via Flickr and I think the gloss finish helps.

Postcards from Moo unpacked

Postcards unpacked

Kestrel snapped from the car

kestrel bird


I grabbed this picture from our car this lunchtime. I wasn’t driving! The kestrel had been hovering at the side of the road at around head height. I managed to get the window down and one reasonable shot of it hovering before it started to move off – hence not getting the whole bird in the frame. I love the fan of tail feathers here though.


Photo a day year 4 week 18

This week’s pictures include frugal meals, tiny birds and towering pylons.