Photo a Day Year 4 week 4

A week of happy cats, rock ‘n’ roll and new perspectives.

Photo a Day Year 4 week 3

This week’s selection features an adventurous cat, some gorgeous green tiles and a jewelled spider’s web.

Sunset – the dying of the light

Yesterday we had a beautiful sunset over the south east. I noticed several people comment on it on FB.

Here’s my take on it. I focused on hollyhock stems so the sunset dissolved into bokeh. Canon 50D and 24–105 at f/4. ISO 400.

Saturday night sunset

Black squirrel raids the bird feeder

Since we moved to Letchworth Garden City we have got used to seeing black squirrels around. They are very endearing little creatures and, I think, much prettier than the greys. This afternoon I watched this one make repeated raids on a birds’ suet-ball feeder over a twenty-minute period. They tend to appear when it’s raining. I don’t know why – maybe there are fewer other creatures about to stop or compete with them. This one jumps onto the low wall at the side of the garden, looks about itself for a moment, and then races to the tree. It climbs up and gathers a lump of suet ball, runs back down the tree and back to the wall. Then it either eats on the wall or disappears over it. About a minute later it will do the whole thing again. Today this went on until someone walked past and disturbed it and it started to get too dark to take pictures.

These were taken with a Canon 550D and a 70-200 lens. The ISO is right up because it was so dark.

Action cat – shooting my bonkers tabby

Young Rory the tabby enjoying a game of football with screwed-up paper. He was feeling quite pleased with himself because he dispatched another mouse last night.

Playing with a piece of screwed-up paper

Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Focal length: 47.0 mm

Aperture: f/4.0

Speed: 1/60

ISO: 1600

Dark room so bumped up ISO and flash

Rory playing with screwed-up paper

Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Focal length: 65.0 mm

Aperture: f/4.0

Speed: 1/100

ISO: 1600

Dark room so bumped up ISO and flash